Koben and his pumpkin Here’s a picture of Koben and his pumpkin. He is getting better at standing on his own, provided he does not realize he is standing on his own. It is that Wile E Coyote effect I think. You know how he runs of the cliff, but does not fall until he looks down and realizes he has just run of the cliff. Koben is the same way. He will stand for 6 or 7 seconds on his own, but he will not do it intentionally yet. He has to build up the trust in his balance first.





Pictures of Koben's Room

Koben's room Here are a couple of pictures of the “work-in-progress” that is Koben’s room. Most of the painting has been completed and next weekend Dawn is planning on having the room 100% complete.

Koben's room again


Koben’s Halloween costume was delivered today. He is going to be a snow monkey. I cannot say that he will remember this Halloween, but we will have pictures to show his friends when he gets older. Once again, I will put up the pictures when I can.

On a side note, it looks as if we are throwing the Halloween party for the adults. Apparently it has been decided that I would make a great Frankenstien monster. Well, I am tall, but I am just too good looking to be that scary, aren’t I?

Koben's Room

Dawn is painting Koben’s bedroom. She is undertaking this entire project alone, and I have only contributed to her project by purchasing the painting supplies. Dawn started working bright and early this morning and is still going strong at almost 2 o’clock this afternoon.

Dawn has also ordered a mural for one of Koben’s walls. It is huge, 10 feet wide by however tall we wish to make it. That should complete the “coolest bedroom in Franklin.”

Dawn and Koben earned the money for this project by babysitting three (sometime four) kids every week. I am very proud of both of them. I will post a picture of the finished product when it is ready for public viewing.