The Christening

at_the_churchHere is Koben at Church during the Christening. He was very well behaved at the service. Dawn and I are very proud of him and very thankful that our loved ones could attend the event and the brunch back at our house afterwards. A great big thank you to my beautiful wife Dawn (once again) for doing an excellent job of preparing the house and the food for this event as well as ordering the tuxedo, arranging everything with the minister, etc.



at_homeHere is Koben back at our house after the Christening at the Church. He was saying something about having to wear a “monkey suit” two days in a row. He does look very handsome in his white tuxedo. I really like this picture for two reasons. First, it looks like he is ready for a night on the town (the box in his hand looks like it could be a very expensive gift for a very lovely lady). Second, this picture shows off the beautiful shine of my hardwood floors. This picture was taken in the bar room of the house (mainly black furniture), so the decor matches Koben’s attire perfectly. The only thing that could have been better is if I would have taken the picture with Koben sitting at the bar. What a swinger that boy is. 

Koben as the Snow Monkey


Here is Koben in his snow monkey costume. He just walking in the Franklin Halloween parade and is now sitting in the park.

Here is Koben and his mom after the Halloween parade. I believe that the look on his face says “Please get me out of this thing!” He looks very cute and will have to suffer just a little bit longer so that everyone can see how cute he is.


Koben loves to dance. Here he is with Dawn dancing to Thriller. You can clearly see that Dawn is having a great time, and if you look close enough, you can see Koben smiling too. Thos two are always dancing at home. Koben like the 80’s music very much.


Birthday PosterDawn put together this collage for Koben’s birthday party. We sent it off to Walmart to get a poster made of it. I hope it turns out great. Dawn did a great job with this poster; she used Corel Draw to cut out the pictures and I helped her make a poster sized object to organize them.

Puff'n Corn

PuffncornKoben really likes his Puff’n Corn. As you can see here, mom has caught him in the act of trying to eat the entire bag.



Here is Koben’s new kitty “Zazoo.” This should be a good playmate for Koben. So far, they have a lot in common, they both like to put everything in their mouth and I can get them really wound up. I think Dawn is going to spend tonight sleeping on the kitchen floor with Zazoo, so that he doesn’t feel alone. He is used to sleeping in a barn with other cats and horses too.

The Mural

painting This weekend, Dawn started painting Koben’s train mural. It is a lot more work than she thought it would be. I am very glad that I didn’t volunteer for this project. She is doing an outstanding job painting it even though she has absolutely no painting experience. So far, it looks fantastic. I cannot wait for it to be complete. Hopefully, she will be able to complete it next weekend.

The Zoo

Koben took a trip to the zoo today. He was very well behaved all day. It was asking a lot of him to be confined to a car for 4 hours and then spend 2 more hours in his stroller at the zoo. He got his flu shot yesterday, so he had even more reason to be grumpy.

Koben loved the fish in the aquarium. Here you can see me and Koben looking at some of those fish.

Koben was also very interested in the waterfall. He just loves water. He loves splashing, kicking and watching it flow. I really have no idea why. Below is a picture of him and mom in front of the waterfall.