Koben's Birthday

Koben and his birthday balloons

Koben recently celebrated his first birthday. Here is a picture of him with his birthday balloons. You can see more pictures here.








Helping out around the house

dusterI told Koben that he had better start “pitching in” at home. Apparently, he thinks that the dirty clothes clean themselves and the shelves miraculously get clean. Therefore, we started a new program at home. Every week, we teach Koben a new chore. He is almost one year old now and needs to accept some responsibility.






basketSo far, Koben has helped mom with the laundry (mainly by taking the folded clean clothes from the clothes basket and placing them back into the dryer). Tonight, we started him on dusting. He was more interested in dusting his mother than dusting the end tables and shelves, but we can work on it. I think that Koben knows that his birthday is coming up soon, so he had better start kissing up to mom and dad if he wants great presents.