We Catch Koben in the Presents

Koben gets caught in the Christmas presents
Koben was a little too excited about the Christmas presents. Here he is trying to get into someone else’s presents. He says he was just trying to clean them up (you can see the wash cloth in his left hand), but we do not believe him.

Update on Koben's Chores

Koben and Zazoo helping out with the laundry
Koben and Zazoo decided to help mom out with the laundry again. I think that Zazoo is on missing sock duty and Koben is supervising. Koben looks a little disgusted with Zazoo’s efforts.



Koben checking out the new dishwasher
Recently, we purchased a new dishwasher. Koben, being the polite son that he is, offered to do the first run of dishes for us. I think that he just wanted to play with the new “toy.” This is a very kind gesture considering that most of the dirty dishes are from him carrying the dishes all around the house when he plays.

I'm Coming to Get You

Koben in his teeHere is Koben in his tee shirt and jeans. He is such a cool kid. I am not too sure what that is in his hand. It may be lotion for his dry skin or it may be some gel for his hair.




Koben's Christmas List


Koben has discovered the joy of playing with food. You can see here that he is really enjoying these potatoes. It seems that these potatoes have worked their way into his toy collection. I do not know what we will do when they start sprouting things up. I guess we will always have to have some potatoes in the house for him.If you are thinking of the perfect gift for a handsome little boy, look no further than your local grocery store. Koben prefers 2 or 3 individual potatoes over the 5 or 10 pound bag.

Drummer Boy

Drummer BoyKoben started his drum lessons today. Well, actually I have been showing him some of my moves already, but only on the practice pad. This is his first time with the real thing. Mom was in charge of this activity. He needs to wear earplugs next time.

BaseballKoben has also shown some interest in sports, mainly baseball. He must be taking after his dad. Drums and baseball were my two main interests as well. He also enjoys books, videos, eating cat food and biting people. I am not sure which one he will choose to pursue. I don’t think that there is a big demand for cat food testers. I could be wrong.