Has Anybody Seen My Sock?

Koben and his sockKoben doesn’t like to wear his socks. The first chance he gets, he grabs them and rips them off. I think he will love summertime when he can run around without shoes and socks.

As you can see, he doesn’t hate socks entirely; he likes to eat them. I have never tried to eat socks, but apparently, they are very tasty.

One If By Land

Koben playing with the porch light
Koben has a fascination (more like an addiction) to light switches. Every weekend morning, I go and get Koben out of his crib, and one of the first things that we do is turn the light on. Then, we turn the light off. And then, we turn the light back off. We repeat this process many times before breakfast.

Here, I have caught Koben sitting on the radiator playing with the porch light. (I have no idea how he got on top of the radiator.) The neighbors must think that we are crazy. Either that or they think that I did a really poor job of wiring the porch light. It is a very bright light too, so it is hard to miss. Koben also likes to play with the porch light Sunday mornings, when all of the people are going to Church. They must be thinking it is a signal of some kind, just like in the Old North Church back in 1775.

Just a Couple of Geeks

Just a couple of geeks
Here I am surfing the Internet with Koben. He loves the computer. Whether it is the laptop or the desktop, he has to be right there with you when you are using it. He enjoys pressing random keys while you are trying to work, so we took an old keyboard and made it his toy. It’s not quite the same though; he enjoys seeing the results of his key presses and mouse movements on the screen. Soon he will be old enough to get him his first computer.

"Eye" Am Watching You

Koben is watching you
Dawn took this picture of Koben. I love it. It looks like a professional photographer set up for hours to take this.

Koben loves the camera and it shows. Dawn said that he was attacking the camera here. I believe it. Every time he hears the camera turn on, he drops what he is doing and goes after the camera.

First Hair Cut

Koben had his first hair cut recently. He really needed one bad. It looked like he had a mullet. His hair was long and curly in the back, just like his dad’s would be if he didn’t keep it cut short. Koben was very well behaved the entire time. By the way, he looks even more handsome now that his hair is cut.