The King and I

throneKoben looks like he is sitting on his throne. I guess he already knows who rules this house. I can see him, in his most royal voice, saying, “Play me some Baby Einstein videos. Where is my sippy cup? Bring me some Puff-n-Corn and a sippy cup. What! We are out of Juicy Juice! Off with your head!” Well, maybe not, but he does love his Baby Einstein videos. He will watch the same one over and over. He watches them all the way through the closing credits. Then, when the menu displays, he runs towards the television pointing at it all the way. He has a genuine concern in his voice as he spouts out some serious baby talk. It’s like the world will end and Baby Einstein will be gone. It’s a real tragedy.

Koben the Explorer

Yesterday, we let Koben run free at the big (not really) Cranberry Mall. We entered the mall with Koben securely in the stroller. We went to the toy store and Sears with him riding along. Then, we were off to J.C. Penneys, and Koben was eager to get out.

We were in the little guy’s clothing section when we turned him loose. He started running up and the aisle between the racks of clothing, talking the entire time. He was excited for sure. Then, Koben found the fun spot. It was a luggage display set up on a series of small steps.

Koben loves steps. Two weeks ago, when the weather was actually not unbearably cold, we had Koben outside for a while. He did walk up and down the sidewalk and through the grass which surrounds the house. But, his main facination was with the steps. Down and up he would go, again and again. He could care less that anything else was going on around him. Koben also spends time moving up and down the staircase inside the house. Sometimes I think he could do that all day long.

So, the luggage display was where Koben seemed to end up everytime I “reset” him. He would run through the store, speeding past the racks of clothes, only stopping when the tile changed to carpet or vice versa. He would stop on the the edging connector and just stand there, feeling the difference in elevation. He would stop everytime the texture or elevation of the floor changed.

We also had to stop and feel the walls. Koben is an apiring geologist in addition to his other interests. He would feel the rocks and bricks that make up the many columns in the main walkway of the mall. Overall, we stopped a lot. He was very well behaved for his first time on his own in the mall. We are very proud of him.

Koben was so well behaved, we followed up our mall trip with dinner at Kings. He had a great day and was pretty well worn out after all of that. He slept well that night.