Koben has discovered the pen

Koben and his penKoben was playing with the pen. He knows that he can use a pen to write on paper, but I guess he didn’t realize that the pen can write on him as well. It looks like he has written on both cheeks and a little on his forehead. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

He has been getting a lot dirtier lately. He spent most of his Saturday night sitting in and playing in dirt (eating dinner in the dirt too). He was having a great time and getting really dirty.

Ready to Ride

Koben in his helmetSo, here is Koben wearing his new helmet. No, we do not make him wear it at all times. (Although it is not a bad idea.) He was just getting used to it. He will be needing to use it a lot this summer (if summer really gets here). Last week was a great week to be outside, but the weekend was a disappointment. So far, this week has been just as bad as the weekend. Maybe sunny days are not that far off. 

Koben's Easter Outfit

Drummer BoyHere is Koben in his Easter outfit. He had a great Easter, even though it seems like he is getting some more teeth. He is doing that heavy drooling, teeth gritting thing again.

The Easter Bunny was very kind to him. He got some clothes, some new toys and a coloring book. He loves to color. He really likes to try to put the crayons in places where they do not belong, like his mouth and his ears. He also got the Doodle Pro. It is a mini Etch-A-Sketch. Something he can carry around with him. He just loves playing the one at his Meem’s house.  

Koben in the Park

Koben on the slideKoben was at the park last weekend. He had a lot of fun. There was so much to do there. He picked up rocks, mulch and sticks. Oh, and he climbed the steps to the slide about 50 times, yet he only went down the slide a couple of times. He was more interested in going up and down the steps.

Koben has really enjoyed being outside, even thought the number of days that he could actually be outside has been limited. Spring is very slow in coming. We are hoping for maybe a little warmer weather coming up this week. Considering this coming weekend is Easter, it will probably be a beautiful weekend, only because we cannot be outside.


Baby's in the Booze

frosted_mugHere, I have caught Koben drinking out of this frosted mug. I cannot be too sure what is in there; the mug was empty when I found him. All that I know is that he was sitting on the couch drinking and watching the television.

We will take one of the cushions off the couch and let Koben climb up and down. He could do this for hours; just like playing on the steps. He also likes to fall onto the cushions, sometime even diving off the couch onto the one that that was removed from the couch.

martiniJust a few days earlier, Dawn caught Koben with this Martini glass. Once again, the glass was empty when mom caught him. I definitely see a trend here. Although, he might just have the facination with glasses that I have. We already have seen his love for plastic containers.