Koben in his new tube

In the tubeKoben got a new toy. It is a 9 foot long tube. It has holes in various places so that he can poke his head out. He likes it a lot. he can crawl around in there and hide from me too. Zazoo likes to play in it with Koben as well. Thos two have a great time in it.


So, how big is this cup anyways?

Koben using the tape measureHere is another one of those things that Koben can play with for hours. I am not so sure what exactly he is measuring here. I am hoping that he is measuring for my Father’s Day gift. Maybe he is making sure that the big screen TV will fit through the front door. Maybe not. Well, at least he is enjoying himself.



The Keymaster

Koben with his keysKoben is learning all about keys. He is very succesful at putting the keys into the lock, but he still needs to learn which key goes to which lock. Here, he has the car keys, but is trying to unlock the basement door with them. It is a valiant effort though. I guess he will learn all about where the car keys go soon enough.

This is another one of those things that Koben could (and does) spend hours doing. The other night, he was going back and forth between the basement door and the back door.

Lunch with Elmo

Lunchwith ElmoHere is Koben eating lunch on his Elmo plate. From what mom says, you cannot cover up Elmo with food. Apparently, Koben will push all of the food out of the way just so he can see Elmo.

Koben loves Elmo. Just hearing you sing the Elmo’s World theme song makes him smile. I think he could watch his Elmo DVD for hours (actually, I think he has done that already).