Super Koben?

ZoroKoben and his red cape.

I think he might be some sort of superhero. I am not sure what him superhero name would be. I will have to give it some thought. His super abilities are things like “Can destroy the living room in a single hour” or “Can watch Elmo 20 times in one day without going crazy.”





Not Sure Here

WhateverI have no idea what is going on here. Maybe he just had some chocolate. Maybe he’s being tickled. Maybe he just thinks mom and dad are really funny (looking).

Well, whatever it is, he is surely happy, so we’d better keep it up.




Monkey Boy

BananaKoben loves his bananas. Here he is watching one of his videos eating his favorite fruit.

He does not want anything to do with any other fruits, but as soon as he sees a banana, forget about it. He knows where they are kept (in the red basket hanging in the kitchen). He walks in the room, points and says “please.”

So, we always have a supply of bananas on hand. I wouldn’t want to have to deal with him if we ever ran out.



Dig These Shades

Koben in his shadesHere is Koben again showing off in his sunglasses. He loves his glasses. He will wear them both outside and inside. I guess it really doesn’t matter when you are as cool as he is.

I hope he enjoys the sun while he can. The summer is almost over now and the days are getting shorter. Ther are no more nine o’clock walks with him like we did earlier in the summer.