Trick or Treat

Koben's costumeKoben is all ready to go out trick or treating. This year he dressed up ad a frog.

This picture shows him practicing his “really cute face” so that he can get a lot of candy. Little does he know, mom and dad are not going to let him eat it all. Well, at least not all of it in one night.

Even though the weather was rainy, Koben had a fun time this Halloween. He got to see some scary creatures including Beetlejuice. Oh, and he got a good bit of candy too. He also got to eat his first 3 Musketeers bar. He was very happy. Chocolate is good.

Mr. Fix It

Mr. Fix ItKoben is taking matters into his own hands. If the batteries need replaced in one of his toys, he will do it himslef. No more waiting on Mom or Dad to do it. After all we not highly motivated to replace batteries in toys which make loud and annoying noises.

Oh Boy

Oh BoyWell, this is Koben and his pupmpkin. I am not sure what the yardstick is for.

Koben did get to color on his first pumpkin today. He used these nice markers that write on the pumpkin and wipe right off. I know that they wipe right off because he was trying to eat his pumpkin and got marker all over his face.

Here his is though clean faced and yardstick in hand, very proud of his pumpkin. I am very proud of him too.

Just a Little Creepy

EyesThis one is just a little too creepy for me.

If this is what goes on when I am at work, then I am glad not to be involved. I just cannot handle that many zombies at one time.

I think (and hope) that this was part of the Halloween party for the kids, but I cannot be sure.

Pile of Leaves

LeavesKoben got his first experience of jumping and playing in a big pile of leaves. Mom and Dad collected the leaves into a big and made him jump in it. He was not too sure what to do at first, but he soon caught on. Mom did have to demonstrate a couple of times for him.


PuzzledKoben is taking a crack at the 1000 pice puzzle which his mom bought in hopes of putting it together and making him a nice poster of a Corvette. It turns out that this is an extremely difficult puzzle to do. So, I think Koben will be busy for a while.