Merry Christmas

Koben has had a very successful Christmas. You can see it by clicking here. He got a snow shovel, a Hummer, a new kitchen, an Elmo tool bench and drill and a cool toy his Uncle Nate made for him. That one, you have to see the picture to believe. 

Ready for Santa

Ready for SantaKoben is ready for Christmas. Here he is posing with his two little friends, the elf and Santa. Behind them is our Christmas tree, which he helped to decorate, and the big train that goes around the tree. Koben is just waiting on Santa to come. It is not very long now.

Koben's New Sleep Set

Koben and his new sleep setKoben is starting big boy school soon and his Mom thought it was a good idea to get him some new napping materials. So, she got him this really cool Superman set. It has a really soft pillow and a really soft blanket. As you can see, he seems to be enjoying it so far.

Koben Goes Bowling

Koben goes bowlingHere is Koben’s first attempt at bowling. He had a lot of help from his Mom. She is a very good bowler. He also had a lot of help from the bumpers that they put up for us. Overall, I think he had a good time. He loves to play with the plastic bowling set that we have here at home.


Koben and his truck

Koben with his truckHere he is with the outfit that Mom bought him. I contributed the GI Joe truck. It is a really good looking outfit. The undershirt says Chocolate Moose. I am not sure what that all means, but it is cute. Mom thought he would look good in the camoflauge pants. I completely agree.