Sled Riding

Sled ridingKoben got his first chance at sled riding yesterday. He rode in the sled all the way from our house down to the park. Then, he rode the sled down the hill once. After that, he wanted to walk around in the snow, throw some snowballs and look at the river. He loves the snow and does not get to be out in it often, so I guess he just wanted to do as much as he could while he could do it. I am sure that he will go sled riding again this winter and hopefully go down the hill more than once.

Click HERE to see some more pictures of the sled ride.

Koben and Carley

Koben and CarleyHere is Koben and his cousin Carley laying on the floor together right before nap time. He did go up to his official napping location, but probably would have napped right there on the floor.

 Koben and Carley have a lot of fun playing together when she comes over.

Koben and His Pocket

Koben and hispocketLately, Koben has been walking around with his hand in his pocket. I am not sure where he learned this or why he does it.

It could be that he has determined, with the help of big boy school, that this is a cool thing to do. I would guess that the ladies like it. He does have that bad boy look going on in this picture.

It is also possible that he saw his Pop putting his hands in his pockets. Koben loves spending time with his Meem and Pop.

Well, wherever he learned it, it is surely cute.

Big Boy Bed

Koben's big boy bedHere is Koben in his new big boy bed. Now he can like the big boys do. The bed is a little too big for him still, but with the way that he is growing, it will not be long before his feet are hanging over the edge.

He slept very well his first night in his new bed. I think he is very happy with it.

Relaxing on the Bean Bag

Koben on his bean bagKoben got a bean bag for Christmas. I am thinking that he likes it very much. You can see him here relaxing a little in front of the television. He sure does know how to kick back.