Valentine's Day Party

Valentine’s DayHere is Koben with his cousins. They had a Valentine’s Day party today. All of the kids had a great time and got some great Valentine’s. Then it was time to sit on the couch and look cute so that we could take some pictures.

Helping with the Cake

Koben helping with the cakeKoben was helping out his Mom this morning. She was making cupcakes and Koben got to lick the beaters. This was his first time getting to do so. I had to help him out by showing him how to get all of the batter off. He learned very quickly.

He wanted to lick the bowl before we were done using it, so he had to wait until all of the cupcakes were made. Then he was able to lick the bowl. He enjoyed it very much. There is nothing better than dipping you hands in some cake batter and shoving into your mouth.

 Koben also helped Mom put the batter into the star shaped pans for the cupcakes. After they were done baking, Koben iced and decorated them. Yes, he also taste tested them.