Wash the Car

Koben washing the carKoben and his mom were out washing the car today. It looks like he is getting to do all of the washing.

He loves to clean out the inside of the cars, mainly because this gives him a chance to sit up front like a big boy. He pretends to drive and puts the windows up and down. He especially loves putting on the seatbelt. Safety first, Koben always says. Come to think of it, he does not do much or any of the cleaning part of cleaning out the cars.

Ocean Water on Your Feet

Koben with his feet in the waterHer I am with Koben letting the waves run water over our feet. This is the method that we used to get him to even think about liking the ocean. He was so homesick and afraid the first day, that he did not want to have anyhting to do with the ocean. But, we took him down to the water and let the waves come in and get his feet wet. Soon, he wanted the big waves to come in and get his entire body soaked. This was also one of his favorite activities. 

Helping Hand

Koben is helping to hold up the treeHere you can see Koben doing his part in helping to hold up this tree. He is such a helpful kid. I am not sure who is holding this tree up now that he is back home. I guess we should have arranged for a back up.

This was taken outside of one of the schools in Kitty Hawk. We found a little playground and a swamp with a walking trail around it. So we took Koben out there for a while so that he could slide and run around. He was happy to see some other kids out playing. I guess mom and dad are not always the best playmates.

Flying the Kite

Koben flying his kiteHere is me and Koben trying to fly our kite. His jobs were to get the kite after I had crashed it and to launch it back in to the air. It was very windy on this day, so getting the kite in the air was no too difficult, but keeoing it there was. Koben did very well at launching the kite and actually got to take control of the kite on several occasions. Overall, he loved flying the kite.

The Sand Dune

The big sand duneWe got to take Koben to the huge sand dune at Jockey’s Ridge. This thing is huge, and walking up the side of the dune takes everything that you have got. You can see Koben in the foreground and the enormous dunes in the background.

Koben was interedted in the sand and also in the hang glider class on top of the next dune.

Burried in the Sand

Koben burried in the sandKoben had discovered another fun thing to do at the beach; get burried in the sand. He made mom bury him in the sand for hours at a time. He loved being completely covered in sand and breaking out of it like some sort of monster.

Mom also likes to be burried in the sand, so this must be where he gets it from.

Koben in the Cold Pool

Koben in the cold pool waterAfter a long day at the beach, Koben decided that he wanted to go swimming in the pool. This was a good idea. It was a good idea until we got in the water and realized that it was extrmely frigid. He was in for only about 10 minutes before he started to shiver uncontrolably. I was getting to the point of shivering too. But, Koben kept on playing, paying no attention to how unbelievably cold the water was. Eventually, we got him to get out of the water. Everyday though, he wanted to get back in that pool, knowing how cold it was. 

Koben at the Beach

Koben laying in the sandKoben had a great time at the beach. The first day or two he was very homesick. The sand at the beach distracted his thoughts of home for a while, but when he had a minute to think about it, he wanted to go home.

He had much fun building sand castles. Well, he had a lot of fun watching mommy and daddy build the sand castles so that he could destroy them.

As seen in this picture, one of his other favorite things to do was to plow through the sand with his hands.