Koben and the Lolipop

the lolipop

Once again, here is another example of Koben kicking back and relaxing. He is seen here enjoying a lollipop while watching Blue’s Room. He so enjoys his bean bag, and there are some other pictures on the site that show him relaxing in it.

Field Trip

Field Trip to the Airport

Here is Koben on the big boy bus on the way to the airport for his first field trip. At this point, he is not so sure what is going on, but he thinks it could be something fun. I think that part of his excitement is due to the fact that he can see everything from the bus window.

This is the Venango Regional Airport, so there is not too much going on there on a daily basis. He did get to see the airport fire truck and some hangers. He also got to see the inside of a very classy corporate plane. Overall, he had a great time.

At the Ball Game

Koben looking at the riverKoben at his first ball game

Koben went to his first Pirate game this week. The good news is that the Pirates won, which is a rarity if I am at the game. He also got to see fireworks after the game. Even though it was almost 10:30 before they began, Koben stayed awake to see them.

On the left is Koben sitting on the railing of the river walk at PNC Park. He is looking at all of the boat, barges and buildings. Koben also found the big blue “K” on the PNC Park sign and wanted to look at that for as long as he could, but we had to move on.

On the right is Koben sitting in his seat, checking out all of the action. He got to see some fireworks after a couple of Pirate homeruns, and really enjoyed that. I taught him to say “hit a homerun” whenever the Pirates were batting.

Overall, he had a really good time. There is a lot for a little guy to take in on his first trip to the big ball field, but he handled it very well. We will be back again.