A Visit from Carley

Carley and KobenKoben and Carley in the car

Carley came over for a visit this week. Koben was very happy to see her. He was sitting on the couch watching one of his videos when she came in. He jumped off the couch and yelled “Carley!” and ran to the door to greet her. They had a fun night playing with all of his toys, including the car and the shopping cart.

Koben Meets Clifford

Koben with Clifford

Koben got to meet Clifford at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum this past weekend. He had a great time playing with all of the Clifford exhibits and the other exhibits in the Museum. He was able to deliver mail around Birdwell Island, feed oversized doggy bones to Clifford, captain the Birdwell Island ferry and meet Clifford in person. He had a great time playing with all of the exhibits; they seemed to be everything that he enjoys: a cash register, doors, hand cranks and spinning things.

You can see more pictures of Koben’s weekend here (Clifford Pictures).

Playing Truck

Koben and Mom playing trucks

Koben and Mom were outside playing trucks today. Koben really enjoys playing with anything that has wheels on it; bikes, trucks, shopping carts and trains are some of his favorites. Mom makes sure that she shows him how to drive the truck and load it up with rocks and dirt.