Trick or Treat

Koben as the AstronautThe back of his costume

Koben dressed up as an astronaut this Halloween. The left picture above shows his space suit from the front, complete with his name and realistic NASA logos. The picture on the right shows his cool rocket back pack and if you look close enough, you can see his name on the back of his hat. The stitched names are courtesy of his Aunt Justine.
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The Pumpkins

Laying on the pumpkinSitting on the pumpkin

After his doctor’s appointment, Koben and I had to go to Shop-N-Save to get his prescription filled. We decided to wait for it. We walked around the store for about 30 seconds until he saw all of the pumpkins. He wanted one that we could carry, but they did not have any small ones. Regardless, Koben got a pumpkin. You can see him sitting and laying on the pumpkin in the pictures above.
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Koben at the Zoo

Koben with the turtleKoben sitting on the elephant

Koben went to the Pittsburgh zoo this past weekend. He was enjoying seeing the animals and walking around. Then we got to the aquarium, where he had his biggest thrills. He loved watching all of the fish. His favorite moments were watching the turtle in one of the fish displays (pictured above) and watching the big fish and sharks swimming in the ocean display. Koben got to buy a bag of sharks to take home and play with in the bathtub. He also wanted a stuffed animal snake, which he got too. 

Koben and the Box

Koben in the boxKoben jumping on his box

Koben was having a good time playing with this box. He was hiding in it, coloring it and using it for his house. Then, Dad came home from work and Koben turned into Mr. Destructo. At first, he wanted to stand on the box. I told him that the box could not support him and it would probably fall in. He did not seem to care and wanted to stand on it anyway. Once he saw the destruction that he could cause, he thought it would be better to jump up and down on the box. This led him to figure that he could jump from the box onto the couch. He did so and jumped back from the couch to the box. He found this jumping to be even more destructive and continue to jump on the box until it could take no more. Luckily for us, we had a couple more boxes to replace the broken ones. 

Fire Safety Month

Sitting on the firetruckFiretrucks at the Home Depot

Koben got to celebrate Fire Safety Month at the Home Depot. They had a special night in which fire trucks, ambulances and other rescue vehicles were on display. Koben got to see the MedEvac helicopter land and then got to see it up close. He also went for a ride in one of the fire trucks and got to see the tolls that firemen use.