Some Tunnel Pictures

Koben playing in his tent

Koben was playing in his tunnel. He was re-enacting a scene from his “digger movie” in which the “mole” is digging a tunnel and breaks through a huge rock wall. The mole being the tunnel digging machinery and not the animal, of course.


Koben riding his scooterKoben riding his scooter

Here is Koben enjoying another one of his birthday presents. Mom had shown him how to ride the scooter, which she enjoyed doing very much because she got to ride the scooter. Koben watched her closely and was able to ride with no problems. He did want to go faster because Mom went fast, but in the end, he settled for a safe speed.

Helping with the Leaves

Helping out

Koben was helping out with the yard work recently. It is fall, so that means it is time to play in the leaves. Koben had a great time making me pile them up so he could jump in them.

Koben in the leavesPlaying trucks in the leaves