The Super Thomas Ramp

The super Thomas ramp

I built a three story Super Thomas Ramp for Koben. He was having a great time launching all of the trains down it and seeing how far they would go. Here is Terrance going for a fly off the ramp; he was one of the best.

Koben in the Snow

Playing in the first snowMe dragging Koben in the snow

The upper left is a picture of Koben playing in snow for the first time this year. There really wa not any snow left, but took the shovel and went across the street to the church sidewalk and got what I could. It was mostly ice with a hint of snow, but he liked it anyway. The first thing that he did was lay down and try to make a snow angel. I guess you never forget what to do in the snow.

The upper right shows the first real snowfall and Koben being dragged by me through the snow. He wanted to slide, and he wanted me to pull him. So I did.

Below is Koben’s first real snowman. He was a big help in getting and packing the snow. It looks like we did a good job of making it the right size for him. 

Koben’s snowman

The Marching Band

Koben playing the cymbals

Here is Koben thinking that he is in the marching band, playing the cymbals. Really, those are the lids to some of our old pans. It has been a while since he has wanted to play with the pans. They used to be one of his favorites, but new things like diggers and trains come along.

In the Air

Koben jumping in the air

This picture was taken by Koben’s mom. She was able to catch him in mid air of one of his jumps. I am not sure why he was jumping, other than just because.

The Bridge is Falling

The bridge is falling

In another movie re-enactment, Koben is performing a scene from his Thomas movie in which the bridge starts to fall down, but the digger comes and saves the day by holding up the bridge until Thomas can leave. This is one of his favorites.