Koben's Day Out With Thomas

Koben’s Thomas TatooKoben with Thomas

Koben recently got to spend part of the day with Thomas. He enjoyed many fun activities such as getting a Thomas tattoo and actually riding on Thomas’ train. There were also many Thomas play-sets set up for the kids, including the wooden, plastic and Lego sets; we played with all of them. Koben was very excited to see Thomas and had a great time.

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There's Something Not Fair About This

Koben bowling on his bike

Koben has a lot of fun playing the Bowling game on the Wii, so he thought he would try it for real. I am thinking that the bowling ball was not sufficient for his needs, so he decided to take it one steps further. As you can see here, he is bowling with his bike. Yes, he does get a strike every time, but that does not mean that he does not enjoy it.