Tee Ball

Koben at the batrunnig to first

Koben has recently started playing tee ball. He has a great time running the bases, playing in the dirt and playing with the other kids. He is doing well so far and with some practice, he will be as good as his Dad. 🙂

high fiverunning the bases

Fun at the Penny Carnival

slide 2jumpingslide

Koben and I went to the penny carnival recently. Of course, the things that he wanted to do were not at the cost of a penny. They were, however, very enjoyable to him. We started off the day by going down the Firetruck slide, which is one of those huge air filled toys that appear at all summertime affairs. Koben had a great time on this, as he was the only one on it at the time and could do whatever he wanted. Then we moved on to the air filled jumping cage. Koben had a great time here as well as once again it was only him and a couple of other kids playing at the time.

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