Koben and Quin at the Pirate Game



Koben recently took his cousin Quin to the Pirate game for her Birthday. It was Quin’s first time and Koben’s second time at a baseball game. Koben has been to a game last year for the Skyblast night. Skyblast combines your average baseball game followed by a mixture of live music and fireworks. There are three such games every year and they are always sold out. This year we were lucky enough to get tickets to another Skyblast night.

Koben and Quin had a great time and the night went by very fast. The game was low scoring, which provided speedy play. This was a good thing, as Koben and Dawn had been up since before 6am and I shortly thereafter. I am not sure how long Quin had been up, but regardless, it would be a late night. Continue reading “Koben and Quin at the Pirate Game”

Last Game of the Season


Koben had hist last tee-ball game this past weekend. He got to be the home-run hitter in the first inning and did a really good job of hitting. He also got to play first base in the second inning, where he did a great job of fielding the balls and throwing them in. Koben also got a really cool medal and certificate for his participation in the season.