Mom made Koben a digger costume this year and did a really nice job. We had some last minute painting to finish up, but it turned out to be a success. You can tell the success of the costume by the pile of candy.

Koben Playing in the Leaves

Koben and I got the chance to get out and play in the leaves before the cold air came to town. He had a great time, as usual, watching me rake up the leave so that he could destroy the pile. This time he decided it would be a good idea to bring his little slide on over and slide into the leaf pile. When that stopped being fun, he started jumping from the top of it and into the leaf pile.

Koben at Eric and Dori's Wedding


This past weekend, Koben got to be in his first wedding as the Ring Bearer. He did a fantastic job walking down the aisle with his cousin, Hayden and did an even better job of being patient during the ceremony. Later, at the reception, Koben showed off his dancing skills. He was the hit of the party. Mom and I are very proud of him.

Koben's New Gun

Mom got Koben a marshmallow shooter at Applefest. She also had to show him how to shoot it. She was pretty good it, so Koben had the best teacher and shot the marshmallows pretty far himself.