Snow Removal

The digger was outside of our house tonight. He was working with his friend, the dump truck, to remove snow from our street. The warm temperatures and rain helped to diminish the snow, but there were still many piles left over. When I got home from work, Koben and his Mom were standing at the front door watching the digger work. Koben then moved to his chair in front of the door and sat there watching the digger for a while longer before eating dinner.

Valentine Preparation

With Mom’s supervision, Koben made himself a little box for his Valentine cards. He expects to get a lot of Valentines at school; he is such a handsome little man and is very popular with the ladies. ­čÖé

Yet Another Snow Day

It has been three or four weeks now and not only is the snow is still hanging around, but we have had more snow fall just about every day (or at least it seems). So, once again, we spent Sunday cleaning up the snow, slush and ice that covers our sidewalk. As usual, Koben helps.