Hot Sunny Day

We had a group of days where the temperature was above 80 degrees. We thought it would be the perfect time for playing in the hose. Koben loves the hose…and he loves spraying me with the hose.

A Day at the Park

The weather was finally kind to us and gave us a beautiful day to enjoy. Well, at least for Koben (I had to work all day). So Mom took Koben to the park to play with Malee.

Koben Wii Bowling


Koben loves playing the Wii. We play bowing and golf all of the time and he is getting to be a very good gamer.

Easter Races


Koben and Hayden racing around our house on Easter Day.

The Easter Pinata


Koben and his cousins trying to break the Easter pinata so they could get even more candy. The Easter Bunny had already left them a “year’s supply,” but there’s always a need for more.

Easter Egg Hunt

Franklin had the annual Easter Egg Hunt today. Koben and Octavia went together. They both found a lot of eggs and got a lot of candy out of the eggs. As you can see from the pictures, it was a cold, windy day in Franklin today.