Dress Up Time

Mom had Koben dressing up in his cool boy dress up clothes. He was a race car driver, an army soldier and a gladiator. Mom also dressed up (pictures withheld), and the both of them came attacking me and then each other.

Playing in the Downpour

Mom thought it would be fun to go out into the heavy rain. I could not argue with her, as that has been our last four days….heavy rain. The rain had ruined the Wildthings game on Friday and Koben’s first tee-ball game of the season on Saturday. So, why not play in it; it’s all we have.


At the Wildthings Game

This Friday, we took Koben to see the Washington Wildthings. The game was fun until the rain came and sent us home. Koben loved watching them play and was very disappointed that they stopped playing for the rain. We will do it again sometime when the forecast is a little better.

Koben on the Bike Trail

Koben took his new bike out on the Justus Trail today. He rode out a couple of miles and got to see a lot on the way.  Here are some of those sights. The ride out away from the start point was good, but the ride back was a little long and Koben started to get tired. He walked a little on the way back.