A Day with Malee

Malee spent a day with Koben this week. they had a great time playing at various parks and swimming in the pool (even though it was really cold).

Koben in the Pool

Koben spent some time in the pool this weekend. Even though the sun was not out very much and the air temperature was not very warm, he insisted on playing in the pool. He got to the point of shivering many times, but he persisted. He was playing with my old GI Joe truck.


Koben's Worm Friend

Koben was digging in the front yard and came across a couple of worms. The one seen here was his favorite. He was having fun with it for a half an hour. He was talking to it and letting it go for a ride in the dirt in his dump truck. He just loves worms.

At the Big Butler Fair

We took Koben to the Big Butler Fair on the 4th of July. He had a great time riding the rides. It was his first time riding on the fair rides and he loved the roller coaster.

At the Penny Carnival

Koben and went to the local Penny Carnival this week. The first place we went was to the fire truck for a ride on the top of it. Then we went over to the jumping pit, where we met up with Piper, and she and Koben did some jumping.