Nolan’s First Bath

Nolan got his first real bath tonight. He did well and only fussed for a moment. Then, he relaxed in the warm bath water and seemed to be enjoying himself. He celebrated the occasion by soiling his diaper and peeing on himself. How nice.

IMG_6327 IMG_6326

Carley’s Visit with Koben

Carley spent the afternoon with Koben. They set up the “mattress slide” in the TV room and had me pull them down it. They had a great time sliding down and continually requested for me to pull them faster. It was a good work out for me too.

IMG_6323 IMG_6324

They also had snack, as documented by Koben in these 2 pictures. He has a good eye for picture taking. There is nothing better than a close up of some food.

IMG_6200 IMG_6202