A Night of Candy

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Tonight was the Trick or Treat here in Franklin. Koben met up with his cousins and went out to get candy…and lots of it. Even though it was cold, they all had a great night of candy gathering. Nolan slept most of the way around the neighborhood, as it was too cold for him to be out of his cozy stroller.

The kids made out very well. I saw Kit Kats, Peanut Butter Cups, Three Musketeers and Milky Ways making their way into Koben’s bucket. As soon as he goes to sleep, they will be mine. He doesn’t need all of that chocolate. It’s not good for him. Now that s what I call being a responsible parent.

Nolan's First Taste of Carrots

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Nolan got to try carrots tonight. He seemed to enjoy them very much, just as he does his oatmeal. He gives that excited grunting, as if to say “Keep it coming; this is fantastic!” He loves to eat like a big boy. He watches me and Dawn closely while we eat, especially if we are holding him. He follows the food all the way into our mouths and gives us the look like he wants to get him some of that yummy stuff.

Pumpkin Carving

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The girls came over for a night of pumpkin carving and pizza. The kids had a great time making a mess with the pumpkin guts and turned out some pretty cool pumpkins.

At the School Fall Party

koben_with_carson at_the_castle

We went to Koben’s school tonight for his fall party. There were many kids there with some great costumes. Surprisingly, many of the attendees, including most of the adults, knew that Koben was dressed as Billy. Koben got to see many of his friends, including his after school playmate, Carson (and his little brother).

Boo Bash at the Mall

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Nolan and Koben got to dress up in their costumes tonight and head up to the Cranberry Mall for a little Halloween bash. They met up with their cousins and all had a fun time. Oh…and Koben got some candy too.