Who Invited the Snow?

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Koben was excited to see snow on the ground this morning. I had some things to do outside and Koben went out with me. I found his shovel so he could clear the steps and collect snow for snowballs to be thrown at Dad.

Christmas Decorating

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We continued our tradition of putting up the Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving Day. Koben decorated the boys’ tree in the television room with Thomas trains. Mom put up the official tree in the formal room. Nolan “helped” her with the lights and Koben and I did some ornament hanging. Mom did most of the work and the guys pitched in where we could. The house looks great thanks to all of us.

Thanksgiving Dinner at Home

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Dawn made the turkey and most of the side dishes, while Koben played the Wii and Nolan played with the Coke boxes. Koben loved the turkey, with gravy, and had several helping of it. A nice night with a great meal. Dawn did a great job with her first turkey. Thanks babe!!!

Nolan Getting a Bath in the Kitchen Sink


Mom decided to try giving Nolan a bath right in the kitchen sink. It worked out alright for Nolan. He made an absolute mess with the water. He splashed most of the water out of the sink and onto Mom, Koben, the counter and the floor. Mom said, “No more baths in the sink for you!” Looks like he will have to be in the bath tub from now on. Oh, and Mom also gave him a Mohawk just like she used to do with Koben.

Koben Building Something

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Part of the way through my little home construction project, Koben asked, “Are you done with that wood?” I knew he wanted to help.  I had him help drill some holes and tighten some screws. He had so much fun helping me that he started working on his own little block of wood. He had me help drill three holes in the block. Then we proceeded to repeatedly put in and take out three screws for about a half hour. Such a good boy.

Computer Geek Nolan


While I was up in the attic today, I grabbed the old computer keyboard that I gave to Koben back when he was about a year old. Koben loved to type while I typed, often adding letters to the word I spelled. Nolan has been up to the same tricks. He loves attacking the wireless keyboard for the iMac. Koben and I are on the left and Nolan is on the right.

At the Light Up Night Parade

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We bundled up and walked down to watch the light up night parade. Nolan slept through some of the parade. I don’t know how he could, with the fire trucks and marching bands coming by blasting their sirens and cadences. He did eventually wake up and joined Mom and Koben on blanket, watching the parade. By the time the parade was over, Nolan was cold, so he and I walked back to the house, while Mom and Koben watched the fireworks and the lighting of the Christmas tree.

A Night at the Parry’s

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Nolan is in his room, sitting on his chair, wearing his kitty hat and eating a wooden block. Koben is on the iMac typing really large letters and applying different fonts and colors to them. Yes, it is a pretty normal night here at the Parry house.