Nolan Getting Fed by Everyone

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Nolan got to eat some Stage 3 pasta. Koben, Carley and Malee fed it to him. He liked it, but it was pretty gross. He was more fond of the tomato soup and pasta that we made for him last week. It looks like we will not buy the fancy jars of gross food for him and revert to the home cooked food.

Nolan Posing with His Silky

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Nolan talked me into taking off his pants and socks. He loves to be in his bare feet and for his legs to be uncovered. I thought he might get cold, so I gave him his silk blanket. Thinking that some pictures would be nice, I grabbed the camera and he started to show off for the camera.

Christmas Day 2010

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Koben and Nolan has a wonderful Christmas. Between Santa, our friends and family, our boys received many wonderful gifts. The boys both got some new toys, clothes and other fun stuff. The highlight for Koben was getting his Nintendo DSi. He has played it non-stop since Christmas morning. I’m glad he likes it.

Christmas Eve 2010

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Koben is getting ready for Christmas. There is much work to do before we are ready for Santa’s visit, but Koben has it under control.

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Nolan Working on His Crawl

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I think it is the toe socks that intrigue him. Maybe there are subliminal messages in the socks. Whatever it is, Nolan wants Mom’s feet and will crawl to get them.

Koben and Mom Making Cookies

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Technically, I am not sure if this meets the definition of making cookies, but it is sure yummy! Chocolate covered Oreos with M&M’s and pretzels. Nice job Koben and Mom. You hit the jackpot!

Baby in an Box

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Kids and pets always love the “free” toys better than anything you can buy in a store. Here’s Nolan in the Amazon box playing for a while on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Nolan Eating Mom's Mashed Potatoes

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Mom wanted some fried chicken and mashed potatoes, and apparently so did Nolan. He ate some of Mom’s potatoes and Koben ate some of Mom’s chicken. I’m not sure what Mom got to eat.