Through the Kennerdell Tunnel

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Koben and I went for bike ride this morning. We drove down to the Rockland Tunnel with the intent of riding north to the Kennerdell Tunnel. When we got to the Kennerdell Tunnel, Koben wanted to go through. The tunnel is pitch black and is 3350 feet long. It was only about 50 degrees in the middle and very foggy. We made it through and back again. What a great time! I am so proud of Koben.

Family Ride to Oil City

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Mom, Dad, Koben and Nolan all rode on the Justus Trail from Franklin to Oil City and back. Nolan slept all the to Oil City, but did wake up for a little bit on the way back.

Truck Driver Koben


Koben is learning to drive a truck. He’s really good at detaching his trailer. I’ve been playing the game with him too. It is a pretty fun time.