Playing in the Sand? Box

Getting ready for the beach

Thanks to the recent storms, the swimming pool has been filled with nasty rain water, leaves and some random sticks. I have made the first attempt to get the water as crystal clear as it was before the rain. It may take a while.

Also, the lid was blown off the sandbox out back and it was subsequently filled with rain water. We tried to dry it up, but the additional days of rain was not helping us out. So, Nolan decided to make the best of it and get in some beach practice. You have to prepare to dig in the sand when it is covered by some water. This was a perfect opportunity. I have to say, it was pretty funny, the amount of water that is in there. The sand is saturated and seemingly unimpressed by the additional three inches of water resting on top.

Fresh Veggies!

Some ripe tomatoes from the backyard garden


Earlier this year, Koben and Mom planted a little vegetable garden out back. I see some tomatoes, green peppers and cucumbers growing out there and cannot wait for them to be ready to eat. These little tomatoes are ready to eat and I’m sure that’s what Mom has in mind for them.

Caught in the Mud

Which one is the bad influence?

It is starting to get very hard to tell which one of these two instigates the other. They both love playing in the mud puddles of the driveway. Hopefully, for Mom and I, the concrete guy will be here this week to lay down a nice new surface in the driveway. The kids will not be so happy about it. The holes and ruts in the current driveway have satisfied children for at least 5 years now.

Big Time Baseball Action

Koben’s 2012 baseball season is in full swing. As a matter of fact, the last game of the season is next week. The season has gone by very fast, mainly because we are both having so much fun. Koben enjoys the baseball games very much. I enjoy them too, because this year, they are more like real baseball games. The outs really do matter. The kids have to run hard and play smart. Koben is learning more about where he needs to be depending on where the ball is hit and what base to throw the ball to when he gets it.

You have to get that tongue out to get that extra something on the hit

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The Perfect Puddle?

Is this the perfect puddle?

As soon as we got out of the car, Nolan spotted the puddle and wanted to play in it. We dropped off our stuff inside and came out to play in puddles. I thought we were going to take a walk and look for a really cool puddle. But apparently, there was a pretty cool puddle right here.


Nolan trying to get the mud off his hands

Nolan was ready to get clean no long after we went out. He got his money’s worth out of that puddle. He jumped in it and sat in it as well as digging through it with his hands.