Riding After the Rain

Riding through the fresh puddle, just like his brother

Saturday evening, after the rain had cleared, I took Koben and Nolan for a bike ride. Koben was on his big 2-wheeler and Nolan on his little tricycle. We only planned for a ride around the block, and when we got to the backside of the block, Koben rode through the Church parking lot full of puddles. This is where he used to go all the time after the rain. He loved taking his little bikes out for a wet ride. This time, he was able to show Nolan just how to run through these puddles. Continue reading “Riding After the Rain”

Trying out the New Driveway

Koben and Nolan playing in the new driveway

On Tuesday, we got the new driveway poured and Nolan was here to see some of the work being completed. Koben was at Grandma’s house and returned home on Wednesday. The contractor came back out Thursday to seal the driveway and pour concrete for the approach and allow the boys to put their handprints in (photos to come). Continue reading “Trying out the New Driveway”

A Couple of Walks

Nolan just hanging around the porch after a couple of walks

Nolan and I took a big walk three blocks up town and back, and then three blocks down and back. Well, I walked and he rode in the jogger of course. If he was walking 12 blocks, we’d still be trying to make it back. He gets distracted just like his brother and a 5 minute walk turns into an hour of watching the birds, ants, cars, finding sticks, rocks and pinecones. This time, we were looking for big trucks, bikes and whatever else we could see.

After we got back home, he wanted to take another walk, this time actually walking with me. So, we took a walk around the block together. He made it about half way around before asking me to carry him the rest of the way. I remember these types of walks with Koben, where he kept on wanting to walk until we got far enough away from the house that he couldn’t walk home. Very fun. Very good memories.