Weekend at Inde's – Part 2

Nolan wants to know if Bubba made those bubbles in the tub

We finished up playing and headed back to the house. It was getting to be lunchtime and naptime. We completed these tasks and soon it was early evening and the boys were ready to go in the hot tub.

Dinner was being prepared and there wasn’t much else to do, so they got their swim trunks on and got in. Koben loves the hot tub, the heat, the jets and everything about it. Nolan just wasn’t so sure. No jets for him. But he got in with Koben and they had fun just hanging out.

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Weekend at Inde's – Part 1

By the time we arrived at Inde’s house, it was well past everyone’s bedtime (I think Inde went to sleep while waiting for us). So Dawn and Koben headed to one guest room and Nolan and I to the other. Nolan was a little freaked out by the change in surroundings and was starting to wake up a little too much, so getting him to sleep was rough. Eventually he fell asleep and didn’t wake up until after sunrise.

Nolan getting ready for some sliding action

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Koben Shooting the Moon

Koben took this photograph of the Blue Moon that we had at the end of August 2012

Koben and I went out to see the Blue Moon back in August. Nolan stayed inside. I’m not sure why, but I assume he was not too fond of the dark, even though he loves the moon. I set up the tripod and setup the camera to capture the moon. It was just after 9pm, so the moon was in a pretty good location in the sky for us. Unfortunately, the view from our house had nothing interesting in it other than some distracting power lines and dark houses. I’d really like to capture the moon with the Church steeple in the shot, but the moon would be too high in the sky for that. I’ll keep an eye out as we progress through the seasons and maybe there will be a time when it all lines up. But anyway, Koben wanted to use the camera and I let him take some pictures of the moon. This is one of them. Not too bad.

Driven to Vacation

Back in January, we made vacation plans for the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We found an interesting place in Kill Devil Hills that seemed to have everything we might need to keep the kids entertained for the week. The last time we were in the Outer Banks, we actually stayed next door to this year’s destination. It was still under construction at the time, but we at least knew enough about the location to like it. The pictures and description on-line made the sale for us.

And since our family would pass by Virginia Beach on the way from Franklin to the outer banks, we planned a visit to Inde’s house. We’d been to her place in Virginia Beach once before and the boys had a great weekend. Nolan was just 6 months old and slept in Inde’s closet (long story for another time) and Koben enjoyed the hot tub and hanging around the house. And of course Dawn couldn’t wait for a trip to see her relocated friend. So it was planned.

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