Nolan Gets Caught Playing in Bubba's Room

In his Bubba’s room playing

Nolan loves spending time in Koben’s room, getting into all of his stuff and trying to be like his Bubba. The new fascination is with the top bunk of the bunk bed. Nolan will throw a toy up to the top bunk, climb the ladder and then drop the toy back down. I think he is conducting some sort of experiment just like Koben (via MythBusters). “Toy drop from top bunk in 3, 2,1…”

Thanks for the Nice Weather

Taking some shots

The boys got to enjoy some outside time this past weekend. The weather was outstanding and we took full advantage. We did the walk / bike ride around town, topped off with a stop at Sheetz for a little special treat.

Koben played some basketball while Nolan buried his trucks in the sand. It was so nice this weekend that Koben took off his hoodie and even complained that it was too hot!

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