Present Time! Present Time!

Koben and I went out shopping Friday night so that he could get Nolan’s present. We had no idea what we were looking for, but figured that walking around the store long enough, we’d find something for Nolan. We had spotted a couple of toys that we thought Nolan would enjoy, but nothing too exciting. Then, Koben noticed the display of big monster trucks. These were the larger sized trucks like Nolan’s favorite Taz truck. We put two of them in the shopping cart and continued to look around and eventually found another display with more of the same type of trucks and now had the difficult choice of which ones to get. We could get two, but which two? Koben made the decision and we were done shopping.


Koben was so excited about the gifts that he picked out for Nolan. Since Grandma and Grandpa would have to leave shortly after the party was over, they gave Nolan his presents before the party. Koben went into his closet, where his gifts for Nolan were, and brought down the bags containing Nolan’s gifts. I told him not yet and a couple of minutes later, he said, “Dad, can I give Nolan his presents now?” He asked a couple more times before giving up. When he did finally get to give them to Nolan, it was complete joy for both of them.


Then it was time for the gift from Mom and Dad, a Lego tanker truck. He’s a little young to build it, but he loves to play with (and take apart) Koben’s Legos. Now he has the first in his collection. He couldn’t wait for me to put it together for him.


Nolan made out very well. I think every present he received had at least four wheels. Some were fast and some were loud, but they are all very much fun.


Happy Birthday Time


And then it was time to sing Happy Birthday, make a wish and blow out the candles. I’m not sure what his wish was, but I bet it had something to do with more trucks! And, I have no clue what the look was about in the picture below. This was during the singing of Happy Birthday, so maybe he was embarrassed by our off key singing (“Please let this torture be over with, I have cake to eat!”).


And then, it was time to drive the Monster Trucks on the cake. I’m hoping that this is a one time thing and not a new tradition. And I really hope that wasn’t the same truck that he was driving through the mud the day before.


Eating the cake was next on the list. I see that Nolan shovels that cake in just like his Dad. He ate most of the cake on his plate and then drove his cars and trucks through what remained. Oh, what have we taught him?

1304_nolanbday_081 1304_nolanbday_086

The Monster Truck Cake

1304_nolanbday_029Nolan recently celebrated his third birthday with his family and a Monster Truck cake. He loves watching the YouTube videos of the RC Monster Trucks going through various mud courses and challenges. He calls them mud trucks. So, when it came time for selecting the theme for his birthday party, there wasn’t much left to decide, except for which Monster Truck cake to get.


Luckily, Mom showed him all about Pinterest and all of the possible Mud Truck cakes. One night when Mom wasn’t around, he made me log into Pinterest, helped me find the cakes, and then took the iPod away from me. He knew what to do. He and Mom came up with a great design and employed the services of the same talented woman who made Koben’s Eyeball cake.


He was very happy to see the cake and spent a little while examining it. I’m not sure if it was the fact of Monster Trucks on a cake or just that it was a cake, but he sure checked it out. I’ve seen nothing like it either, so I understand his amazement. It’s cake; it’s trucks!


And the cake was very delicious too! The trucks were not edible, but made for great toys after licking the wheels clean.


Frozen Motion

I almost caught him in this one, but I was a little too close to him and he was moving way too fast for my old body to follow him.

Koben and I were playing a little game of catch me if you can, using his bike and my camera. I’m not sure it was really a contest, but it surely seemed like he turned it up a notch to try to get past me without me taking his picture. I think he was inspired by the Mythbusters episode where they try to evade the speed camera. Both pictures were taken at 1/30th of a second and required me to follow him all the way through the shutter closing.

I moved back a bit for this and was able to keep up with him much better, although I do like the look of the closer one more.