Big Trucks Invade Sodor


The trucks have invaded the train table and are crashing everything up!!!! Well, much of this carnage was already there as Nolan doesn’t “play” trains, he crashes and smashes them.

Surprise Guests

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As Koben and I were at the river, he first noticed some tadpoles swimming around in the water. Shortly thereafter, I noticed some large birds circling overhead. He told me that they were eagles, but my old man eyesight couldn’t tell, so I thought it a good idea to take some pictures and then check them out at home to confirm. Koben was funny though when I told him they looked to be circling over their prey and he said, “Dad. They are circling over us!” We made it out of there alive.

Koben Explorer


hike-31-2 hike-33-2

Koben and I loaded our bikes onto the car and took a drive down to the Rockland Tunnel. From there, we took a brief bike ride through the tunnel and parked our bikes on the other side. We then walked back the trail that runs beside the tunnel, in the direction from which we had come. It’s a nice walk through nature and our goal was to find a safe path down to the river. We did find at least two somewhat safe paths down to the river and picked one to try today. It worked out pretty well for us and we will definitely be back when the weather is warmer and we are prepared to do some river walking.


Nolan Looking for the Hole in the Ground

nolan in the yard

Nolan was outside looking for the hole in the neighbors backyard. Apparently some critter has made a home back there and Nolan loves to look at it. He hasn’t seen the animal that made it yet and is still speculating what it could be.

Another Day Out with Thomas

It was maybe Nolan’s best day ever. He saw an endless supply of “Big Trucks!” across Interstate 80 from here to the Cuyahoga Valley and back. And in between the drives, he got  to see and ride on Thomas.

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Cool Koben

A Photo of Cool Koben Richard Parry

A photograph of Cool Koben Richard Parry, just hanging out around the house wearing a cool hat.

Koben and Mom Play Baseball

Koben Mom Baseball

Koben Mom BaseballKoben and Mom finished off the day last Sunday with some sidewalk baseball. This Sunday, unfortunately, they may be shoveling ice from the front sidewalk. We may just have to swap Father’s Day and Mother’s Day next year so that Dawn can have a warm Mother’s Day to spend outside with the boys.