Koben's Ferrari




We were walking through downtown Toronto tonight and I spotted a Ferrari parked on the street and pointed it out to Koben. He immediately went up to it and started checking it out. Then, the voice of a woman spoke out and said something about sitting in it. At first, I thought it was just a bystander’s comment, but it turned out that it was the owner truly offerring. so, he got to sit in a Ferrari tonight. Couldn’t haveĀ happenedĀ to a better kid.

Fireworks Over the Falls

canadafireworks-69 canadafireworks-24


We spent the 4th of July in Canada and got to see the fireworks celebration at Niagara Falls. It was a short, but great fireworks display.

A Room with a View

It’s a great view from our hotel room


Nolan going for the takedown


The boys love to crash and smash each other in hotel rooms

The boys were enjoying the view….and then Nolan started smashing and crashing Koben.

Koben's Baseball 2013

A new baseball season is underway. Koben’s been watching a lot of Pirate games and getting constant updates from me. He was very excited to start the season and has been working hard to improve his play.

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