On Top of the Bay


One of the few good things about the cold winter is the frozen bay at Lake Erie. We got to walk across the ice, see the ice fisherman in their little huts and watch all of the other people who were out for a walk.

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Curious Little Cats


While Dawn was waiting safely in the car, the boys and I decided to venture out past the ice dunes and onto Lake Erie. After all, we couldn’t come this far just to play in the sand; we had to get onto the lake. The dunes peaked our curiosity, as they looked like something from a Sci-Fi movie. With the white backdrop of the lake and sky, it looked like these were cliffs over a bottomless pit of snow and ice, and we were the last people on the face of the Earth.

We ventured out towards the frozen lake one step at a time, carefully checking our next move and paying very close attention to how solid the dunes were before proceeding up. Thankfully, there were several brave souls who ventured out ahead of us, so we could just follow in their steps. Once we made it down to the lake level, the boys used their walking sticks to drill through the snow and ice, attempting to strike water.


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Considering that these were really ice balls, I’m glad they weren’t throwing them at anyone. This was more of a snow skipping contest, through the puddle and across the street.


Making a Snow Angel or Sleeping?



Koben tried his best to make a snow angel, but the snow was just too hard with that top layer of ice. Maybe he’ll get another chance this weekend with some fresh snow.

The Snow Delivery


No matter what the weather, Nolan loves to play with his big dump truck. Today, it was loaded with ice and snow, being loaded up from the grass and delivered to my sidewalk.