Koben's 1st Birthday

Balloons Cake 

Koben’s first birthday has come and gone almost as quickly as this first year itself. We had his birthday party this past Saturday. Dawn did all of the planning and gets all of the credit for a very successful event.

She started off by getting 50 helium balloons with which the kids could play (top picture). She said that next year, she would get 100, because 50 didn’t fill the TV room enough for her. I think they were wonderful and the children loved them.

Next, we had a big feast (not pictured; no leftovers). We had meatball hoagies, lasagna, salad and Dawn made home made garlic bread. The food was delicious, and I ate meatball hoagies all weekend long.

Also, Koben got his first taste of cake. He seemed to like it very much, or at least liked playing in it very much.

Koben received a lot of toys (look at the table in the picture of him and Justine), which was what he needed most. He got so many toys, that I do not have a clue of what to get him for Christmas. You can see that he received a Radio Flier rocket (bottom picture).

Koben with his Aunt JustineKoben and his birthday cake

Koben and his new toy rocket

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  1. hi! nice photos! im just curious. my name is koben too! i wish the junior koben long life! take care koben. be a good boy like me. ahah!


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