New Car

Koben's New CarKoben was a very good boy this past weekend. We spent all day Saturday together, just the guys, doing guy things. In the morning, Koben went to Sears with me and picked out new tires for my car. He did such a good job choosing, I thought I should reward him for his help. So, I bought him this car.

He loves going for rides in it. Of course, going for rides means being outside, his most favorite place. His mom should get all of the credit for this purchase. She knew he would love this car. She always knows.

The car does ride a little rough and loud, but Koben likes being close to the ground and being able to reach out and touch the items that we pass.

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  1. Hell, Rob! I’m Dawn’s cousin. Except, we call her Sissy. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you guys know my email and my webpage, if u want to check it out. I love your site! Koben is so precious! He seems so sweet. We can’t wait to meet him. Talk to you soon.

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