Riding After the Rain

Riding through the fresh puddle, just like his brother

Saturday evening, after the rain had cleared, I took Koben and Nolan for a bike ride. Koben was on his big 2-wheeler and Nolan on his little tricycle. We only planned for a ride around the block, and when we got to the backside of the block, Koben rode through the Church parking lot full of puddles. This is where he used to go all the time after the rain. He loved taking his little bikes out for a wet ride. This time, he was able to show Nolan just how to run through these puddles.

This water isn’t very deep at all

So, the next time it rained, Nolan asked me to go ride bikes in the puddles. And so we did. He had a great time riding in and out of the puddles. He also did some circles through the puddles, impressing himself with the circular tire tracks he left behind. He even rode into the little puddle near the sidewalk (pictured above) and got stuck, just like Koben used to. And then, just as Koben had done many times, tried to get himself out of the puddle and tipped the bike on the uneven pavement. He fell right into the water and was soaking wet shortly after we arrived.

It’s time to get this helmet off!

Soon enough, though, he had enough of the riding and was ready to do some running. He wanted his helmet off and then took off for the big time splashing. He ran, walked and jumped through ever puddle in the parking lot, from the largest collection of water down to the smallest ounce of water. If it was a puddle, he was in it.

Nolan splashing through a puddle in the Church parking lot
Another run through the water

And then it as time to sit…right in the puddle. At this point, he was pretty wet and sitting in the puddle was not going to make it too much worse.

What better place to sit than right here in this puddle.

He also took some time to find rocks in the puddles and find his reflection in the water. And just like Koben, he had to load some rocks up in the back of his bike for the trip home. I can understand that after an exploration journey, you need to bring back some artifacts.

Looking at himself in the puddle



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