The Christening

at_the_churchHere is Koben at Church during the Christening. He was very well behaved at the service. Dawn and I are very proud of him and very thankful that our loved ones could attend the event and the brunch back at our house afterwards. A great big thank you to my beautiful wife Dawn (once again) for doing an excellent job of preparing the house and the food for this event as well as ordering the tuxedo, arranging everything with the minister, etc.



at_homeHere is Koben back at our house after the Christening at the Church. He was saying something about having to wear a “monkey suit” two days in a row. He does look very handsome in his white tuxedo. I really like this picture for two reasons. First, it looks like he is ready for a night on the town (the box in his hand looks like it could be a very expensive gift for a very lovely lady). Second, this picture shows off the beautiful shine of my hardwood floors. This picture was taken in the bar room of the house (mainly black furniture), so the decor matches Koben’s attire perfectly. The only thing that could have been better is if I would have taken the picture with Koben sitting at the bar. What a swinger that boy is. 

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  1. The gift in the box is for his mom. That will be the only women he will be buying gifts for!!!! haha Ok besides his meem, grandma, aunts, and cousins.

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